Company Profile


It’s impossible to lock in a stereotype Anti-Flirt’s women. She’s the one, in fact… unique because always different. Her natural charm, her charisma and her sexy silhouette sketch a new challenge.


Anti-Flirt’s women naturally catched the attention. Born this way with a seductress touch, she is aware of its strengths, more over sure of her charms. We must recognize that she perfectly mastered the art of seduction. She knows how she will do well, makes use of, abused by putting her body under the light with best value. Because she looks like that, she wants to be seen: teasy, cheerfuly and with somewhat fatal.


Provocative sexy without vulgarity, she retains control of the game. Whatever happens, she control who gets the power and who will decide. She may choose to put you in a trance ans will offer herself but never into submission concept. She have a natural class without being primed, without calculation.


Anti-Flirt is in line, connected with the multi-faceted femininity of the present days. Codes? Sensuality, provocation sexy and chic. Aspirations? The game of seduction, hidden shown, impertinence and irresistible.

80’ Addict

Created in the 80s, Anti-Flirt manufactures and markets collections of ready-to-wear and lingerie femininity. Today, the brand is distributed in France, Galeries Lafayette, in multistore. A good representation abroad is appreciated. Anti-Flirt built a strong brand identity and has a recognized image and based on


Anti-Flirt is riching in connotations with a signature that carries a large imaginary part of modernity. The Anti-Flirt personality is assertive and specific because the quality of products recognized in terms of materials, cut, finish is an essential selection criterion for its clients

Values and beliefs

The values of sensuality and provocation mastered infusing an instinctive and intuitive creativity that develops a highly reactive own identifiable style. It is in line with the trends. The territory of brand is built on a clear positioning, upside down, while a sexy fashion lingerie and ready-to-wear. The keynote address was then uncompromising, incisive in line with the expectations of women. Sexy provocative campaigns have built a strong reputation and feeds the image of the brand.

Unifying femininity

Anti Flirt brings together a large female clientele, non-segmented in terms of age who adheres to a model of independent, proactive and sexy femininity. Femininity is linked with charisma, she rocks with a natural charm and an expressive message. By highlighting the woman “subject” versus “object” through postures, attitudes. Its simply expresses her feelings


Anti-Flirt is an ironic name for a conquering femininity. Anti-Flirt not hide what you want to show. This reflects literally the issue of show-hide. Hide better reveal veil modestly but at the same time inviting them to lift the veil as in anti-flirt is prohibited unless that seduces the paradox of this prohibition. He rightly refers to the ambiguity, this fundamental ambivalence of women and seduction.


Anti-Flirt embodies the paradoxes of women. His muse play of opposites reconciled antagonisms. Sometimes remote even ingenuous, she is also sensual and provocative. Thus, Anti-Flirt seduced because it does not trap women in a unique and simplistic view but leaves instead express themselves in the richness and complexity of his personality. On ones hand english embroderies, on the other hands black lace, sensuality is on the edge, so carnal, so sensual, so sexy, so playful. The assumed freedom, free rather than liberated contemporary woman puts a fantasma mistress vision of her sexuality and her life. Sometimes naive, always with a touch of mystery.